Mumbaikar in French

Le réseau social des étudiants de l'Alliance Française de Bombay

Will participate in bulk purchases of interest to you?




If so, do you have participated?



If not why?



What is your opinion to sell the property to other individuals? Is this a good idea?



Have you ever used a website as OLX or Quikr?




If so, was your experience like?

-very good


-so so



Have you exchanged your old items with someone else?



What types of objects that you rent?



Do you think - if you rent object, it will be cheaper?



When your object is in a bad condition, you prefer to buy a new object or exchange of items for a new object?



Praise you the items you use every day?

(Eg an old laptop) 



Do you know the idea to carpool?




If so, do you have done this and how often you use this service?



-not at all

-not yet but I would do it


Where you buy vegetables or fruit?

-Of farmers

-to supermarket

-in the street

For class A2 STZ 18 hours-20 hours (Niralee-Ankita)


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