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This is the only part where we can write in english :)  Ask your questions about the website. 


What to write about?

There are multiple topics : the topics could be recommended during class by teachers but you can also suggest your own topics. 
For examples: visit this page -  page

When you post an article on the blog  or comment  on the discussions, you will see icons which the teachers would be using to correct your texts.  Your texts will be completly or partly corrected according to your registration with AFBombay. 
You can also use the first icon to correct yourself and others.

Social network chart: see article// l'article

Text under construction, draft. The text will be modified. 

Text corrected in class with the teacher



Text waiting to be read by a teacher. 


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Tips for newcomers (level A1 or A1+) in Mumbaikar in French 

You can complete  your profile by adding information on my page (Ma page)

  • you can upload your photo so that your teacher and classmates can recognize you
  • later, you can join your class group by searching in groups
  • you can also participate in discussions posted by the teachers

What do you do if you dont have any ideas ? 


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